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Jesus is in Merseyside: Hallelujah

Arsenal has continued their run of form, from the Pre-season into Match Day 2 of the English Premier League.

With Gabriel Jesus looking like the missing piece in Arteta’s North London Kingship Blueprint

The trio of the super signing, Gabriel Jesus, Martinelli and Saka, seem to be causing problems for every defense they have come against in the past 2 months. Little is known of what Match Day 4 will bring, but we expect Arsenal to stay in the Top 4 for the next 3 games, then we will see what change will come to the Table.

“Arteta is trying to beat the whistle”

4-0 thrashing to Chelsea, 6-0 thumping to Sevilla, both in July. Then,4-2 to Leicester City and 2-0 to Crystal Palace to kickoff the new English Premier League Season.

Mikel Arteta will most certainly be glad to have landed key players to bolster his young squad with experience and firepower from the defense all the way up to the attack.

Mikel Arteta is satisfied, but shaky, and he should be or he will have to wear boots too.


Nicolas Pepe may leave, but Arsenal seems strong and determined, and if the board has sufficient faith in Arteta’s progress, they will spend more to assist him.

Rivals, Tottenham, are in the race again after dropping Arsenal off with the nanny to close out the 2021-2022 season in the Champions League spot, further alienating the two sides and setting the stage for another season of boot-camps. 

If Jesus gets an injury, Mikel Arteta could faint back home. He needs a worthy substitute. After all, Guardiola was without a striker for a while.

 Arsenal face Fulham on Saturday, 27 August and it could be an opportunity for the Reds to strengthen their position on the table and get ready for the midterm hustle.

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