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Haaland and De Bruyne

After the 3-1 loss to Liverpool in the FA Community Shield Final, Pep Guardiola and City are on the road again.

2-0 to West Ham and double the number to Bournemouth, Liverpool is far behind this time, but the season is just getting started and this is not the first time Liverpool have been behind.

The entire football community is looking to see what powers will shape the English Premier League this season, having been dominated by Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp for the past couple of seasons.

Everyone is eager, including the Managers themselves.

“Haaland is buying up land and Kevin De Bruyne becomes supervisor”

Defenders are looking forward to attacking nightmares from City Forward Erling Haaland, the iconic purchase from across Europe and from one of the greatest midfielders City has seen, Kevin De Bruyne.

We will get to Kevin in another post.

Haaland is already off to a great start, with goals to match and stats to prove his quality. Guardiola will be looking to turn the young man into a talismanic firepower like Aguero before him.

Barcelona is messing up Bernado Silva’s career with their financial insecurities.

Clearly, Barcelona know nothing about Human Resource Management and they cannot Recruit competent financial managers and advisors. Maybe only loud executives are allowed.

You have no money, according to the Rules of the Game; you have wage problems because you have too many players on huge wages; you have no idea how to make money with the tools and people you have in the club and yet you are making a bid for every player.

Why are you trying to mess football up.

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